Time to Take a Stand

Apr. 20, 2017
Apr. 20, 2017

This is not a happy face!!!

Apr. 20, 2017

Praise the Lord Saints:

I am not a happy camper right now due to a situation that has occurred and must be taken care of. 

It is time to take a stand against discrimination because it is wrong.  We need to take a stand against any type of discrimination, anywhere; if it happens to anybody it is stlll wrong.  I don't know what would make a person think it is the right thing to do; but they are wrong. 

As a person that is on wheels; I know how hard it can be to be treated unfairly and it hurts.  It should not happen; but it does.  This is something that needs to be fought against and needs to stop.  There was discrimination done on the campus of Lighthouse Church of All Nations several times and it was not acknowledged by the Mayor of the City of Alsip.  When our Pastor, Dan Willis, went to speak with the Mayor about it at a meeting; the Mayor still didn't acknowledge that it was not handled well and refused to speak about it.  As composed as Pastor Dan was, the Mayor didin't want to talk about it and it he was rude to Pastor Dan. 

Well, this has come to a head and time to do something about this.  There will be a Press Conference at the LIghthouse Church of All Nations after 11:00 a.m. service this Sunday Morning.  After the Press Conference there will be a prayer walk to City Hall, a peaceful prayer walk.  We will be praying for the Mayor and the Trustees of the City of Alsip.  The Lighthouse Church is located at 4501 W. 127th Street in Alsip, Il., right off of Cicero Avenue.  We are creating signs, carrying signs, and wearing t-shirts with the hashtag #ISTANDWITHPASTORDAN.  Anyone that wants to come and join the service, is more than welcome. 

This has got to stop, God doesn't want folks to be discrimated against, as He is no respect of person, so why whould we be?  Let's stop this discrimation and accept people for the way they are and not treat them badly.   We are not just marching for discriminiation against people at Lighthouse Church of All Nations; but all discrimination.

There is a quote by Edmund Burke that says "All It Takes For Evil to Triumph, is that Good Men Do Nothng" It is time for us to something.  Anybody can sit and do nothing, but it takes effort, energy and guts to do something. Like my mom used to tell us "you are not just anybody; you are a child of God, and you don't just serve amy God; you serve the God Jehovah, the Great I AM".

 Let's get up and do something; we are called to help where it is needed.  God said in His Word in Deuteronomy 31:8 "The Lord Himself, goes before you and and will be with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid or discouraged."  God is here right now and will help you in you in your time of trouble. 

Well, I have to end this, but is time to take a stand and let satan know that we serve a risien Savior that is here roe us in our time of trouble.   

Love you and keep on rolling.

Dorothye B. Knox

Love on Wheels, Let's Roll

P.S.  If you want to see the Board Meeting in the Mayor's Office with Pastor Dan Willis, it is posted on Facebook.