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Mar. 29, 2017

Hi Everybody, and Praise the Lord!!

Just wanted to let you know that I am still writing and and haven't disappeared.  I just took a few days off to get a little bit of rest and work on some more projects. I also was able to spend a little time enjoying and sharing in a birthday celebration for Dr. Martha Porter-Hill, of Open Arms United Worship Center.  We had a great time in the Lord and the food was positively delicious.  Open Arms is a wonderful place to worship God, the anointing in that house is awesome.  If you or your family members are on the Northside of Chicago, visit Open Arms United Worship Center, where Dr. Kim C. Hill is Senior Pastor. It is located at the intersection of Halsted, Broadway, and Grace.  You will have a high time in the Lord and you will truly have a worship experience.

The reason I called this blog "'Love on Wheels, Let's Roll" is because I am currently in a wheelchair due to an amputation which was caused by an infection.  It was touch and go for a minute in the hospital; but God brought me through that and I am so blessed that He did.  So blessed to have Intercessors that prayed for me and stayed on the prayer wall, so thank you God for having them in my life.  When people bless you, I have been trained to say thank you, we need to say that more and more these days.  I have people that are constantly helping me and I find myself thanking them a lot because I am so grateful for their help. 

I also called this blog "Love on Wheels, Let's Roll" is go let those in wheelchairs know that you are still loved by God and that you are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ who loved us.  God is still on the throne and He has not forgotten about you.  So, hold your head up, and roll on and do wht you have been called to do.  Roll on and be a light in darkness and salt in the earth, cause you are still loved by God and you don't need anybody's approval to be who you truly are.  Congresswoman Maxine Waters said "don't be afraid to be who you truly are" and she is right; we are one of a kind and nobody is like us.  We are individuals made in God's image and likeness and there is no doubt in Him. 

Oh, I also am designing sweatshirts with my logo because I was so moved to do this.  The sweatshirt I am holding up, I designed and love it.  I will be doing different colors and will do some tee-shirts, just part of God's  plan for my life.  You know if you sit in God's presence, and listen, He will give you plans for your life as well.  Jeremiah 29:11 says "I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not of evil, to bring you to a hope and an expected end."  That means that God has plans for us; and they are good plans, Glory to God in the highest.

Well. I have to end this post, but I am so excited about what God is doing in our lives and how He is blessing me to carry out His plan.

Continue to be blessed in all that you do.  God is still on the the throne.


Dorothye B. Knox

Love on Wheels, Let's Roll


Mar. 29, 2017

Hey Everybody, Praise the Lord!!!