Me and my new logo design.

New Name of Blog

Praise the Lord Everybody!!!

I am so excited I just don't know what to do.  I am posting my second blog admission and I am so blessed.

I  have a new name for the blog that God gave me a while ago and I just began using it.  The title is Love on Wheels, Let's Roll.  The reason it is entitled Love On Wheels is that I am currently in a power wheelchair due to an amputation I had to have in 2012.  I survived the operation because God spared my life and I praise His holy name, He is Jehovah Rapha, the God that heals.  Additionally, I am loved, not just by God, but by my famiy, friends, and chuch famiy.  Just like those reading this blog, that you know that you are loved.

Well back to the new name and logo.  It is also named Love on Wheels, Let's Roll because God loves us just like we are, whether we are in a wheelchair, able to walk or just able to sit and praise His name.  The reason the logo says Let's Roll is because I roll in my power wheelchair everywhere and because we as Christians should be busy and roll right into what God has for us to do and to roll right along wuth our lives. 

I  also wanted to be an encouragement to others that find themselves in this situation.  Just know that you are loved and there is hope, when you wake up everyday, that is a day of hope.  You may not feel hopeful, but there is still hope and you still have a reasn to go forth and be fruitful.  I saw a sign once that said "get up. dress up, look up, and don't forget to show up."  Things may not look like they are going to work out, but in the end it eventually will.  I have been through so much just like many of you, and things looked bleak, but as long as I was able to get up and move, I was able to make it.  We have to know that things will always get better.  The scripture says "weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning,"

I made my logo into a sweatshirt I was so happy and blessed and am working on some other projects as well.  I am working on putting my vision board together so I can visualise all of my projects at one time.

I have put pictures of my new swatshirt on the blog, because I am so excited. Glad I was able to get it. 

Well. I have to go now.  Time to get ready for livesteam bible class. Will talk with you later.

Be blesed in all that you do.

Love you with the Love of the Lord.


Love on Wheels, Let's Roll















New Logo Design