Me Writing My First Article

Dorothye B. Knox

Me Writing my first article.

So excited


Just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog.  It will be exciting and very informative.  So glad God has given me the opportunty to do this, praise HIs holy name.

Getting ready to go to the house of Worship, so glad they have service on Saturday evenings, makes it so easy to for those of us that need to go to the house of worship on Saturday evening.   Loving the Lord like I do, it is easy for me to go on Saturday nights, it works out well.  Oh by the way, I am a member of The Lighthouse Church of All Nations, Pastor Dan Willis is Founder and Pastor.  A wonderful house of worship where the spirit of the Lord is. 

Well. I have to go now, but continue to be blessed.  Will talk with you soon.

Love you with the love of the Lord.

Dorothye B. Knox




Kind regards

Dorothye B. Knox